"Revealed: The  #1 Secret Why Your World
Looks The Same Every Day

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You know life three ways:
 *  You know what you know                                                                
     You know where you live. You know how to read English. etc.
 * You know what you don't know.                                                      
    You don't know how to pilot the Space Shuttle.
    You don't know how to speak Chinese. etc.
 * You don't know what you don't know.
    You don't know why you are not as successful as you feel you could be.
    You don't know why you self sabotage your finances or relationships.

Discover the secrets to revealing what you don't know you don't know.
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Hi Ali!                                                                                                
Thanks again for this great book, it's very profound, and despite it's size, there's a lot of content (that I am actively trying to decode and    understand) so that I may create my life.
Preety S., USA            
Hi Ali,
I have already seen a change.  I have eliminated (or am trying) the words don't and not from my vocabulary.  I read those 2 little phrases you gave me to myself every morning, then look in the mirror and tell myself "you are going to have a good day today.  You will be free of pain."  Then I wink at myself and say "You can do this."  I have had several good days in a row now.  I went to church today and several people asked how I was doing.  I would either say Great or On top of the world.  Some commented that I must be feeling pretty good because I was smiling.  So I must be doing something right.
Yes, page 7 works for me.  Thanks.
Roger R., Wisconsin, USA
Just wanted to say thanks for all the great information you provide. Hope your life is happy these days. Your accident was a catalyst that gave the world a wonderful gift in you.
Stay well. 
Gary F., ON, Canada
You see Ali, you have inspired a great response in me by your recent
newsletter. Thank you so much!
All the very best, and God bless you.
Margi, UK 
Hi Ali,
really God bless u ....u suggested me to love myself...n when i started loving my self....i found a miracle...people around me loves me...including my ex boyfriend.....i got him back recently...
thank you
Ali u r gr8!!! 

Shreya K., Bombay, India

There's something truly POWERFUL that happens when you follow your heart and live true to your values.

My mom's death left me without any family. I made my choices in life and that left me with no partner, no children and few remaining friends. I was labeled by many as weak, needy and angry. I was told that I was pushing people away. I didn't appreciate their unsolicited advice. I saw them as being judgmental and selfish to say the least.

When I searched for the gentleness of my mom's spirit in others and sought assistance from my circle of friends, I found few like-minded individuals who could help when I was so emotionally exhausted.
I was unable to get others' to apply my simple way of thinking, to drastically transform their lives in positive ways and inspire others to do the same UNTIL I found Ali Bierman.

CREATING THE LIFE has had a significant impact on the way I see myself and relate to others. I had a great relationship with my parent. I had no idea just how amazing I was to keep my mother at home instead of putting her into a home. In my case, I learned how to handle my grief, deal with my losses and come to terms with fractured friendships that were toxic to me. I learned to love those people from afar and see their personalities as a painted canvas. I have no regrets. More important, all these experiences have helped me better cope and shape who I truly am.

It's my hope that my story will speak to your heart and help you to believe that living by your own values can empower you, positively affect your well-being and gain better insight into being happy.
Thank you, Ali.
Alfie, New York, USA